Web Development

Built to work. Designed for success.

We don't just design websites, we build them. Darn good ones, actually. Whether your goal is to increase membership, enhance employee participation or expand your customer base - our online digital solutions are geared to drive results and achieve your objectives.

From content-driven corporate sites to full fledged eCommerce solutions and virtually everything under the tech-savvy, webfriendly sun, we create applications that are guaranteed to enhance your brand and increase acquisition rates.

About Us

We have always been partial to making clever statements like "we are so incredibly good at building great stuff for the web that we've been doing it since before the advent of computers". The truth is, we're fresh, young(ish), imaginers who just love what we do.

Our history as a company started in 2008, yet our team members have combined more than 50 years of industry experience. We are seasoned professionals who think of ourselves as energetic, fresh "imaginers", using current technologies to amaze while constantly seeking out ways to incorporate new technologies to better serve our clients.

We have found that our nimble, client-centric approach to business appeals to, well, everyone! Small companies like us. Big companies with large enterprise solution needs like us. We believe this is because we are really really good at what we do. It might also be because we are a pretty likeable bunch here at Lightfire (or so we tell ourselves).

Web, Mobile and Social Development Services


There's a lot to be said about doing it yourself. Our people - and only our people - work on Lightfire projects. No out-sourcing, ever. We are good at what we do and keeping everything under one roof - our roof - makes life a whole lot simpler and better for everyone.


Can you really blame a web development company for bragging about the technologies they're great at? We don't think so. HTML5, Ajax, JQuery, T/PL-SQL, .Net, PHP, XCode... a whole lot of jargon, we know, but it's our way of saying odds are we have the technological expertise necessary to make your web project a success.


You want to update your website but you're agonizing over calling us to make the changes. Well, to be perfectly honest, as much as we love talking to you, we agonize over those calls too. This is why we develop websites with content management facilities. And the best part? No more silly little invoices from us for doing something that you could have done better than us anyhow.


We've been told by our clients we "grow on them." We like to think this is partly because we are nice people. Mostly, though, we believe it's due to the fact that we develop applications that grow with our clients. We make this happen by architecture that is scalable, which translates into saving money. And yes, our clients like saving money.


Forgive us for stating the obvious, but our work is 100% guaranteed. Cars break down. Our websites don't. If by some remote chance a website we develop breaks while you're taking it for a ride, we promise to repair the code so it's up and running and back on the "road" in no time. And naturally, we would do this at no cost to you. We'd even insist on throwing in a heap of apologies for good measure so everyone feels a whole lot better about everything.


If we've learned one thing over the years when it comes to websites, it's this: buying "off the shelf" is bad for business - your business. Off the shelf websites tend to cost less in the short-term yet more in the long-run since they are often very difficult to modify. They become unusable as your business grows and your needs change. The websites we develop are designed to suit you today, and grow with you tomorrow.

Creative Services


There's a reason why our clients really like us. It's because their users really like them. When you get a website created by us you always know navigation will be simple and intuitive (this is basically our clever way of saying "user-friendly"). It also increases the effectiveness of your key calls-to-action.


It always surprises us just how many websites we find that are a struggle to navigate and, even worse, have the most relevant information pushed to the "side" or hidden. The sites we develop prioritize content properly and - no surprise here - effectively.


Creativity has always been king with us and we make certain your design works for you. This doesn't necessarily mean it's cutting-edge or conservative. It means the website is most importantly brand-consistent and portrays an accurate, spot-on reflection of your organization


How can a website meet or exceed ROI expectations if nobody can find it? Obviously it can't, which is why we make sure the websites we develop are accessible and universally browser friendly. These include mobile devices, assisted reading tools, in addition to WC3 standards.


We'll be honest; we love building great things for the web. It's what makes us tick. But before we can do what we love, we first find out what makes you tick. Our process begins by gaining an understanding of your business and goals. Quite often you'll find us seeing beyond your requirements and uncovering hidden opportunities for you to exploit. This way your website doesn't just work, it works extremely well


Plain and simple, when you hire us to build your website, we don't put it all together with the aimlessness of generating random pointing and clicking. It's carefully crafted with the purpose of qualifying your audience and turning them into customers. It's called conversion, and we like to think we are pretty darn good at generating the results our clients demand.

Value Services


We have worked as a whitelabel partner with some of the biggest, brightest and best in the industry, providing design, development and strategy consulting. If your firm finds itself with too much work and too few hands, we're more than happy to lend ours (hands that is!) to make you look good and get the job done.


We may not be the life of the party, but we like to think we're darn good hosts. Stable, secure, and always there when you need us. Our cloud and dedicated managed hosting solutions provide clients with peace of mind so they can worry about the important stuff like running their businesses.


There is no point having a consumer facing site that can't be found - this is where SEO becomes critical. At Lightfire we have both in-house experience and have SEO/SEM partners which we can introduce you to if your needs exceed our abilities.


Need help understanding your Google Analytics, increasing your conversation rates or trying to optimize your online advertising? We have partnered with some of the best marketing companies in Toronto and together we will get your marketing strategy back on track.